• Got up super early to head to the Louvre and avoid the queues
  • Was underwhelmed by the Mona Lisa, yes, she is teeeeeny 
  • Spent most of my time looking at the Roman & Egyptian antiquities, by far my faves – especially Venus de Milo. What a babe. 
  • Ate a very indulgent breakfast (because, Paris)
  • Went to the bizarre building that is the Centre Pompidou and looked at all the modern art, very much a change in pace from the Louvre!
  • Swooned over all the shops in Le Marais area
  • Learnt about the history of Paris at the Carnavalet Museum
  • Got REALLY sick of museums and lazed around in the Place des Vosges for a bit, pretending to be a true Parisienne
  • Saw the Place de la Republique monument in all its graffitied glory
  • Hiked up the Arc de Triomphe and then had to promptly hike back down two minutes later because there was an afternoon ceremony taking place – but all the war planes at least made a good photo eh. 
  • Wandered down the Champs-Elysées
  • Got the museum mojo back and went to Fondation Louis Vuitton – OH LA LA C’ÉTAIT JOLIE. 

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