We headed to Park Güell early in the morning to see more of Gaudi’s famous work. 400 tourists visit this park every 30 minutes so it was nice to be there so early before all the crowds! 

Because we were so early visiting the park, we managed to be settled in at the beach by 11 with an umbrella and lounger each. We ordered sangria and pizza on the beach and didn’t move until 5pm. I had 6 swims! That evening we headed back to the Gothic Quarter for more paella and yet more sangria.

Our last morning was started off with a traditional Spanish breakfast (churros dunked in liquid chocolate- I have never felt so sick pre-9.30 am) and then spent wandering La Boqueria markets. 


      1. My pleasure!
        Oh thank you, so nice of you! 🙂
        mmm actually I can’t remember 😀 I just used the first program available when typing on google “Track places I’ve been to” if this helps! 😀


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