Most of the things to see in Nara were in or around Nara Park, so one day here was the perfect amount of time. We arrived at 10am off the train from Kyoto and managed to pack a lot into the day – but felt a bit of temple fatigue around 4pm and promptly returned to the AirBnB for a snooze.

The first and best thing we saw was the Tōdai-ji, the great bronze buddha, housed in the biggest wooden building in the world. At almost 15m tall and with a 5m high head, he was pretty impressive. The paving leading up to the hall he was housed in was really interesting – vertical stripes of different stone, from India, China, Korea and then Japan, signalling the path of Buddhism into Japan.

We also spent some time hanging out with the deer that roam the park…. they were so tame! You can approach one and bow your head, and they will bow back before coming closer to inspect you for food.

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