Rose’s parents Mark and Chris generously invited us to join them cruising the Adriatic on their yacht Amelie. It was five dreamy days of salty swims, sailing lessons and many, many gin & tonics.

We met in Zadar on Monday afternoon and spent the evening in the old town, wandering the cobbled laneways and watching the spectacular sunset.

We set off the next day for our first mooring at Brbinj, stopping at Muline on the way for lunch and a swim. We passed terracotta town after terracotta town, sprawled on hillsides or dotted along the shoreline.

Wednesday we sailed from Brbinj to Dragove, to see the old German submarine caves. Tucked away in coves, they were used in WWII by the military. Quite creepy inside with dark passageways going off into the depths of the mountainside.

We continued from there to Vali Rat, another small terracotta town. We dropped the anchor in the bay and swam ashore for pizza, beer and ice cream.

The next morning we made our way to the Vali Rat wreck, an Italian ship on the ocean floor (you can see it poking out of the water in the photo below). We had a snorkel around and then back to the boat for another sailing lesson en route to Otok Silo. We had lunch and continued our swim count for the day.

Our final evening was spent at Rava, a village so tiny that you could count the number of houses on both hands. The towns only restauranteur picked us up from Amelie on his speedboat, took us ashore, wined and fed us almost an entire slow cooked lamb, and chartered us back at midnight.

On Friday we (very begrudgingly) had our final swims, waved goodbye to Mark & Chris as they sailed off on Amelie and took the bus from Zadar to Zagreb.

For more pics you can look at Mark and Chris’ adventures on Amelie here.

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