We were four Kiwis and one Swede in Tallinn, Estonia’s capital. We stayed in the Unesco-listed Old Town – the old medieval city. It was an interesting mix of architecture – pre Soviet & Soviet style buildings enclosed within the high stone city wall.

It was a pretty city with a cafe & pub culture to rival Wellington’s!

We visited the Museum of Occupation & Freedom – a very moving recount of Estonia’s history. We also went to the hotel formerly occupied by the KGB, now with the top floor turned into a museum exhibiting old spy artefacts used at the hotel – very weird!

On our last night we came across Estonia’s national music festival at an open air theatre in the park on the city’s edge. What an experience! We couldn’t understand a thing but the first few hours seemed to be national anthems, regal style songs and wartime melodies – people were crying and patriotically waving flags. A short break followed to change sets and come 9pm we were in the middle of a heavy metal show. It was weird!

Food & drink:

  • Restaurant Pegasus, great for drinks or dinner and their complementary house bread is to die for
  • Must Puudel – great for breakfast or lunch, very funky cafe in the old town
  • Von Krahli Aed – great modern Estonian cuisine
  • Telliskivi Creative City is an art district full of cool shops, bars and restaurants set up in an industrial style open air park. Great all day until late.

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  1. Keeping up with you big time.fantastic photos-you catching so many that make you look again and wonder at life way up there with so much history. Almost wish to travel again. You’re looking so great too. Had weekend with Jo and Emma at the beach😀. After they left on Sunday I found I had mislaid my keys😰. Emma couriered them up but didn’t get them till Monday morning so had to fill in a very wet day at waitarere. Well I spring cleaned and felt very pleased with myself- it really needed it. However when I was unpacking here Tuesday morning I found keys in the bottom of one of the bags😡. Lovely day here. Must plant new plants before the day finished. Orchid happy. Fred also-just given him spring clip. Probably Jacinda not so happy, looking a bit desperate. And as for Julie Ann Genter cycling to hospital to have her baby. Big show off- it could have ended in tears. Enjoy Riga and then ? Ma 💕



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