We took the bus from Tallinn down to Riga, Latvia’s capital and the largest of the Baltic nations. We stayed four nights in an AirBnB in the Art Nouveau district, right on Alberta St which is one of the most famous for its beautiful buildings – we had hoards of tourists on our doorstep every morning snapping photos!img_2536img_2544img_2716img_2714img_2715img_2562img_2662img_2645img_2713img_2638img_2639img_2712c381bceb-29bd-4849-a6f7-3173335760f5

Came across some independence celebrations with people in traditional dress:


Found a ‘bears of the world’ art installation in the town square, one from every country and we tracked down NZ’s one!img_2647img_2646

We did a lot of walking around the old town, more museums, churches and lots of eating! One night we went to the National Theatre for the ballet, a beautiful theatre but disappointing dancing… we are spoilt by RNZB!


On our last day there we took the train 30 mins to Jūrmala, Latvia’s self proclaimed ‘Baltic riviera’ – a small beach town with white sand and crisp sea!



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