Thirteen kiwis, one short but sweet weekend in Porto.

We wandered the streets, marvelled at the tiled buildings, drank (too much) Port and ate our weight in custard tarts.

I loved the warm hued buildings crumbling over the Rio Douro, the boats laden with barrels of port lazily resting on either edge. On Saturday we walked along the river to Cockburn’s Lodge for an afternoon tour and tasting, followed by an excessive spend up at the cellar on the way out.

Great eat + drink spots we visited were:

  • Zenith: great coffee + brunch, but be prepared to queue for a table – it’s so popular!
  • Alambique: cute coffee shop we stumbled upon where the hosts insisted on bringing out plate after plate of warm, cheesy dough balls – free – for his new kiwi pals.
  • Manteigara: the best Portuguese tarts on this planet, sold straight from the oven
  • 7 Groaser: cafe on the south side of the Douro river
  • Espaco Porto Cruz: rooftop bar on the south side, great city views

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