Some snaps of what’s been keeping me busy, October to November.

A visit to the stunning Kew Gardens

IMG_3782Kat and I toured Buckingham Palace’s State Rooms, magical inside! No photos allowed though.IMG_3834

Eating well, as always – these tables had a built in ‘Press for Pisco’ button which resulted in this man and his cocktail trolley promptly turning up.IMG_3850IMG_3900IMG_3901

A temporary fifth Lion appeared in Trafalgar Square as part of the Design Festival, you could ‘feed’ him words and he roared out poetry!IMG_3936IMG_3955IMG_3969IMG_3977IMG_3991Laura + Blair’s 30thIMG_4066IMG_4094IMG_4104

Had a very glowy (and very pricey) cocktail up the top of the ShardIMG_4143IMG_4163

Caught up with Ashlee over a very pretty G&TIMG_4215IMG_4216

Had a blast from the past with some of the EY team!IMG_4479

Liv and I went to a midweek Alt-J gig at the Royal Albert!IMG_4512

Visited Frida at the V&A


Saturday night with palsIMG_4553IMG_4560

Bohemian Rhapsody lyrics up in lights along Carnaby Stfullsizeoutput_a8f

Friday at the Fat Freddys gig, with hundreds of other kiwis…


Elsie came over for a visit from Taiwan!IMG_4655

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