Snaps of late, and a wee journal of January/ February activities.

Kicked off January with Kat’s 30th – celebrated at Crispin with a private dinner.


Wandered pretty Notting Hill on a Saturday with Janita


Met Dione in Bath for a day exploring.


Did lots of midweek activities…

  • Matt Corby gig
  • Rose Matafeo’s comedy show
  • Jungle gig at the amazing Ally Pally
  • Matilda musical
  • Won audience tickets to Graham Norton!
  • Also went to a couple of interesting lectures – one on Brexit and the state of the UK constitution (worrying) and one on what the UK can learn from NZ’s wellbeing budget (presented by Grant Robertson!)


Other weekend activities included the London Mithraeum (Roman excavations underneath Bank station), an exhibition of Diana’s dresses at Kensington Palace, another trip to the flower markets, the Tate, and went to an evening drawing class!



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