On an absolute whim I flew to Las Vegas to celebrate Jess’ 30th (and partly crash her and Jono’s honeymoon…) what a mad place!

Flew in over incredible Greenland scenes:


Then the snow was replaced by canyons, desert and rows and rows of identical houses…


Went to Gwen Stefani’s show on Friday night (INSANELY good, such a performer and had me reminiscing of being a moody 12 year old and taping No Doubt songs straight off the radio) and then Cirque Du Soleil on Saturday – equally amazing.


Spent a lot of time wandering the Strip and checking out all the weird and wonderful resorts and casinos… you name it, Vegas has it in miniature: Eiffel Tower, Egyptian pyramids, Statue of Liberty, Venice, Rome, Hawaii… and one with a built in rollercoaster !


Four days was definitely enough!


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  1. My dear Hannah I imagine you have had a stressful week but hope you are getting it all together in lovely Devon. London doesn’t sound very charming at the moment It has been an amazing week here So proud of so many people. Just hope it continues. And have a peaceful weekend Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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