A recap and some snaps from a busy end to 2019: went to a lot of live music (Dope Lemon, Banks, Mac Demarco, Chet Faker, John Mayer, Whitney), two theatre shows (Cyrano de Bergerac (featuring James McAvoy!!) and Amelie), tried out new restaurants, went to drag Bingo for Han’s birthday, got really into yoga and enjoyed rugging up warm for 3pm Sunday pub meals with friends. Phew!


Went to Christmas lunch with the NZ gals

Farewelled Sammy and Gus back to NZ 😦

Fought off winter blues with lots of delicious cooking, dinner parties and fresh blooms

Launched TGN with this wonderful team in October, and hosted Shitmas (a Christmas party for the young and bereaved) in December


Spent Christmas with Liv, Han and Tom in Bournemouth by the sea

And saw out 2019 in Edinburgh for the New Years party in the botanic gardens. Freezing but fun!

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